Thursday, June 13, 2013

Murder in my yard Case 1: Multiple counts of Cicada Dismemberment!

  So.. the other day I was outside early in the morning watching the day wake up and I noticed empty body cavities and wings of 2 cicadas.  This caused me to stop and ponder the death of these two headless, wingless, black empty bodies.
   A little later in the afternoon I went outside for a bit and noticed the Cicada death toll had raised to 7 hollow corpses.  Now my Aquarius mind HAD to find out what was happening to these poor creatures. I am not a fan of Cicadas but their death seemed quite gruesome.. their heads and legs and guts were gone.. seriously,, that is not a nice way to die.. even for a bug.
   So... I parked myself outside with a book to stake out the crime scene... Low and behold the cute little Chipmunks in my yard were the Cicada killers. I was satisfied that the case was solved.

AND the good thing is, the Chipmunks are leaving the plants alone. :)

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